Hotel chains will be able to receive payments with crypto-currencies thanks to an alliance between Criptan and Mirai, in Spain

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Mirai will be able to receive payments in crypto-currencies, thanks to an agreement with Criptan

The crypto currency trading platform, Criptan, has signed an agreement with the service and product company for hotels, Mirai, by which this booking engine in Spain will be able to receive payments in crypto currency. This was informed by Criptan to Cointelegraph en Español, through a press release.

According to the details of this agreement, the hotel chains that are clients of Mirai, such as Senator, Valentin Hotels, Room Mate Hotels, Siliken Hotels or Only You Hotels, among others, will be able to offer their clients this new payment processor for their reservations through CriptanPay.

„Thus, with CriptanPay, any of these hotel chains will be able to accept payments in crypto currencies like Bitcoin fast profit from any part of the world but receive euros in their bank account“, they highlighted in the press release.

This agreement aims to make tangible the use of crypto currencies when booking hotel rooms, as well as to bring technology and digitalization closer to the more than 1,800 hotel clients of Mirai, taking into account that the hotel sector has been one of the hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic.

„This action is also part of the European regulation PSD2 on electronic payment services, which aims to increase security in Europe, promote innovation and encourage the adaptation of banking services to new technologies, and which came into force in January 2018,“ explained the statement.

The co-founder of Criptan, Jorge Soriano, spoke about the agreement, and said:

„It allows to democratize the crypto world in the day to day of the people (…). And that in this way, users will see that crypto currencies are usable and bring real value to the economy“.

Then he pointed out:

„With this agreement we want to bring technology closer to the hotel sector, one of the sectors most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, but which, after overcoming this situation, will experience a real revolution and digital and technological transformation“.

For his part, Mirai’s CEO, Pablo Delgado, said:

„Today it sounds very futuristic, but in the next few years there will be a revolution in payment methods, especially in mobile devices, and offering this option to users can be a competitive advantage over other channels, and even over other establishments“.